Welcome To The Oaks | The Oaks Residential Care Home
Situated In lovely Upminster, The Oaks is a 26 bed Residential care home
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The Oaks Residential Care Home is a charming property that has benefited from renovation, where our care teams make the most of spacious interiors to offer clients a friendly service.

Residential Care

Our home provides care and accommodation for older people and people with dementia. The home takes twenty six service users of mixed sex.

Respite Care

The Oaks also provides short/temporary care for you or your loved ones.


We recently attended The ADI-Alzheimer's Disease International conference in Kyoto Japan.

Situated In lovely Upminster, The Oaks is a 26 bed Residential care home. A genuine homely atmosphere, easy access to local amenities, and 24 hour care are just a few features of our home. So why not have a look around?

Great Activities

All about our activities, parties, entertainment

Freshly Made Food

Freshly made food everyday, balanced, menu choices etc


Hair dressing, Chiropody, etc….